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The National Cancer Institute (NCI) has funded a cooperative agreement for scientific research projects that will address important understudied aspects of state and community tobacco control policy and media interventions. NCI will support both observational and interventional studies that address tobacco use and exposure in the United States while also examining the effectiveness of state and community tobacco control policy and media interventions.

The following areas are the broad research topics that SCTC focuses on. Ongoing 5-year Research Projects (RP) as well as Collaborative Developmental Projects (CDP) support the efforts in each of these topic areas.

Community and social norms

Community and social norms research looks at strategies to reduce the cancer burden by increasing smoker quit rates.

Mass media countermeasures

Mass media countermeasures research uses the same venues used by the tobacco industry to reinforce nonsmoking messages and break the transition by young adults from experimentation and nondaily smoking to established smoking behavior.

Secondhand smoke policies

Research on secondhand smoke polices is focused on establishing smoke-free home rules to reduce exposure to SHS, help smokers quit, and reduce smoking initiation among youth.

Tax and pricing policies

Research on tax and pricing policies informs and addresses ways to close loopholes that allow people to avoid higher tobacco prices.

Tobacco industry marketing and promotion

Tobacco Industry marketing and promotion research looks to assess the volume of tobacco-related information smokers and nonsmokers encounter, seek out, and share across media platforms and through social networks to identify effective strategies for combating tobacco Industry promotion and marketing.