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Tobacco industry marketing and promotion

Rapid changes in the media arena create challenges for tobacco control programs that can no longer rely as heavily on television advertising to reach a broad audience. Additionally, the tobacco industry and tobacco vendors are finding new ways to promote their products across other media platforms, such as Web sites, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Tumblr. Tobacco Industry marketing and promotion research looks to assess the volume of tobacco-related information smokers and nonsmokers encounter, seek out, and share across media platforms and through social networks to identify effective strategies for combating tobacco Industry promotion and marketing.

Current Projects

Countering Young Adult Marketing
Also listed under: Community and social norms, Mass media countermeasures

ASPiRE: Advancing Science and Policy in the Retail Environment
Also listed under: Tax and pricing policies

Tobacco Control In A Rapidly Changing Media Environment
Also listed under: Mass media countermeasures